aspiring travel writer.

aspiring travel writer.
trying to get a foot up early in the game.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

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$ token economy$ [money is a] short term motivator$ sold unseen$ sold as seen$ [money is the] root of all evil$ put it [money] where your mouth is
$ pay as you yearn$ makes the world go around$ [spend spend spend] lend lend lend$ makes money[economic ressession] i am worthless$ [economic resession] i am depressed
$ i want to make history [not money]$ i dont want change$ cash for chaosjust paper over the cracksjust paper over the cracksim feeling as if im being watched
im feeling tiredim feeling im being talked aboutim feeling very talkativeim feeling stubbonim feeling the urge to spend lots of moneyim feeling im being laughed at

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