aspiring travel writer.

aspiring travel writer.
trying to get a foot up early in the game.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

i think this must be the closest possible compromise to staying in at. oakland and the state of my heart and mind and darkside. sigh.

this song. i really can't explain it. this is the genesis of it, from el-p's own fingers. (do not get me started on his fingers and .. yeah no. i am gonna stop.) anyway. i will cnp the lyrics from his scintillating blog in a hot sec. i got lost in thoughts of digits. funny since we are on the internet. i wonder if there is a video. sigh. if it is not apparent i am obsessed with the new el-p. (and the new killer mike and the new mountain goats and a few songs from the new avett bros and lil boy from NO LOVE DEEP WEB but i digress. imagine that.)

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